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TJ Gallo


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About TJ Gallo

TJ is deeply seasoned in Residential & Commercial Real

Estate Investments,Brokerage, Development, Valuation,

and Capital Management with approx. 30 years of both

Primary and Secondary Financial Markets tenure. TJ has

an uncanny ability to collaborate with his Clients,

identifying their core needs and interests and developing

true Partnerships. TJ works incredibly diligently to

engineer successful market transactions for every one of his

clients, forecasting challenges and discovering the best market

opportunities to help achieve their goals. As a CRE Advisor who

understands the market conditions and is willing to work hard

enough to take the extra steps, TJ understands how to structure

winning deals and cares enough to accomplish your goals;

TJ is a CRE Advisor that you want to work with. When you work

with TJ, you will get a Partner that cares and understands how

to accomplish your Real Estate Investment goals; and knows how

to achieve them. This is vital to attain success. Your Partnership

with your CRE Advisor is the backbone of any successful Real Estate

Investment platform, small or large. Don’t settle for anything less.

Having lived in the Phoenix Metro/Valley for 20 years as a Licensed

Advisor, Agent/Broker & Investor, having held a variety of

affiliations; NAR, PAR, AZREIA, MBA, IMN, etc. TJ works with

large and small Investors. Whether you’re an individual investor

building a small portfolio of Class B Multi-family value-add assets

upto Institutional Asset Managers for large Private Equity Firms or

a larger private or Institutional Investor with finite IRR targets,

you will be largely behooved by working with TJ. TJ is adept at

understanding the complexities of narrowly targeted asset pools.

TJ is adept at understanding how to target Assets (or portfolios

that fit narrative PPMs for a variety of Funds or Private Investors.

If your buy-box is finitely focused on Special Purpose individual

Acquisitions for Multi-Family Repositions in distressed inter-urban

MSAs, selectively targeting fully Destabilized B to A Redevelopment

Projects in Opportunity Zones, targeting a 16-21% IRR target,

to achieve a 4-6 year onetime, short- to medium-term value-

creation opportunity, you should talk to TJ. TJ’s depth of

competency, particular skills and seasoned tenure in Real Estate

and Business will help you meet your criteria and objectives

to achieve your yield target and goals. Leveraging CRE Assets is

an incredible way to increase your passive net income stream,

escalate your Equity Growth and accelerate your Wealth Development

Plan. Whether that strategy is for an institutional capital growth

fund or an individual Real Estate Investor, TJ can help facilitate

it. You can connect with TJ through email or phone. Alternatively,

you can schedule a time to meet TJ through our Real Estate 

Brokerage, GetMULTIfamily (, where one

of our teammates will quickly set up a phone call or video

conference with TJ on Calendly, through Zoom, Google or

Webex. You can also find TJ on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.